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Winter Issue: eight trends in male and female versions

oman, the supermodel Milou Van Groesen , two interpretations, male and female, 8 trend : poncho, parka, ethnic, denim, tweed, over, color, black, white.

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The dress is a language , and as such provided with grammar and vocabulary than any other language. But what good is a language if not to communicate something to the listener or, in this case, in the eyes of the beholder? It also underlines the American writer Alison Laurie in 1981, with “Language of Clothes”, brings this analogy linguistics until the acquisition of foreign words, slang and neologisms in fashion.

If you think that perhaps over a reduced choice of clothes can not limit self-expression, it is not relevant to note that what we choose (or not be wearing ever) contains a message more or less conscious. The language, however, is also a matter of gender: for grammar and interpretation. She intuits here as eight “words” strong fashion , become outfit on one woman, discover a split personality when expressed in a tone every male or female. A parka suit when worn with pants or reduced mini dress, tweed and denim are reinvented between soft lines and tight-fitting, while the same color range is the new identity, torn between coats sporty or romantic silhouettes .

Finally seasons to reshuffle the cards on the table of fashion events that return on time: changing the pronunciation, but the meaning remains intact. We see how the winter catwalks interlace dialogues between the black tuxedo and Gothic lines , because the imagination has to review triumphs of sequins and textures of nature abstract, or sensuality discover new synonyms leaders in total pink , necklines and original animal prints . Referring to a speech meaningless stylistic staff and even Hamlet, as described by Shakespeare: “Garment of value, but within the limits of your purse, rich and not extravagant; because the dress, often he reveals man “.

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