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StoryMaker is an open source app for the Android mobile operating system. It's designed to help people learn to produce better multimedia stories with their mobile devices.

This wiki is an online space for the StoryMaker team to organize itself publicly, making their work transparent to users. We're interested in collaborating on figuring out how StoryMaker can help you with trainings and production.


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Overview Packs How To Development
* Features * Cards Sending Bug Reports * Workflow
* Profiles * Paths Bug Report Example * Planning Boards
* Accounts * Lessons Capturing Bug Reports * Road Map
* Exports * Assignments Setting Up SoundCloud with StoryMaker * ChangeLog
* Settings Taking Screenshots of your About Phone Screen * Release Process
* Beta Group Step by Step instructions for Complete Account Creation * First Wiki closed
* Download Installing Apps from sources other than the Play Store
* Translation Add Content Packs Manually
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We're transition to a new website currently. The new site, is rapidly iterating.

Our first site is still online here



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