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Wifi camera: Wireless camera surveillance

Wifi camera is an IP camera which makes using an existing WiFi network connection to the Internet. A Wi-Fi camera does not need cable for transmitting the video and audio signal. It is only necessary to provide the wifi camera with power. WiFi cameras are available in both camera models as PTZ models which are to be controlled. The most available WiFi camera is an indoor camera with pan and tilt to monitor a particular area with a single camera.
Standalone wifi camera:
The most popular WiFi camera can be used standalone and often has an SD card slot for recording video images. Situatie’s for which there is only one camera is needed are those that WiFi security cameras very convenient and easy to use .. Most standalone WiFi cameras use a cloud for the transmission of the images so that they and smart phone or computer to see a different location. The SD card can be placed in a standalone WiFi camera records images continuously or in motion and can be set that the oldest images are overwritten automatically when the card is full.

Wifi camera set:
Outside the standalone WiFi cameras there are also complete wifi camera sets. Most wifi spy camera sets consist of a network video recorder and 4, 8 or 16 cameras. these cameras connect to the NVR where the images can be recorded on a HDD using the wifi network. The NVR is then set to approach this from a different location with a smartphone or computer.

wifi spy camera

Alternative to a WiFi camera:
A good alternative to WiFi cameras are wireless camera kits which use a digital signal. This camera sets consist of a camera and a monitor which connect directly with each other. They are therefore to be used both in a location with or without WiFi. The advantage of this technique with respect wifi is that you also have a monitor for viewing the images. Further applications, such as viewing the images from a remote location and recording to an SD card are also included on the wireless camera sets.

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