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What should I do before roll crusher commissioning?

Roller crusher commissioning is an indispensable link before the machine taken into the produce. So the preparatory work of commissioning bulks and the work is inspection. The follow is the steps of inspection.

  1. This machine is shipped with complete set, some phenomena are inevitable during the transportation, such as knock damage, screws loss, etc. When it arrives the destinate factory, the user should make sure there is no damage by careful inspection before the installation carried on.
  2. Please install the crusher host and the motor on the foundation fastly referring to the general plan drawing, foundation plan drawing and so on. Remain enough space for installation of related equipment (feeder, distributor, helical gate, etc.) and the discharge space of the machine.
  3. In order to ensure service life of the machine, when installing, keep the main shaft and the reducer output shaft in a unified axis, the cross shaft coupling should stay 1-4 mm gap among the 3 shafts;
  4. Two roller gaps have been adjusted according to the requirements at the factory, so you don’t need adjust in the site. The level of universal coupling that between the active roller and reducers can be adjusted on the same axis when coupling works, and the universal shaft spline maintains 10-20 mm gap to ensure telescopic distance when the active roller moves);
  5. Add lubrication before operating reducer, please refer to the reducer manual about the specific operation.
  6. Please refer to the wiring diagram in the manual about electrical control part, after connection, check it repeatedly and proofread carefully to confirm if the wiring is correct and ensure the motor to be safe and reliably grounded;
  7. Before universal axis used, rotating parts of the lubrication should be added with lubrication. (Some lubricating parts of the universal shaft have been filled with lubrication before the machine out of the factory but re-examination must be done when installing);
  8. Carefully check tension situation of all bolts, appropriate adjustments are necessary when some abnormal situations happen;

Hydraulic system (for hydraulic protection models) please refer to the manual installation of hydraulic station, connect hydraulic station, oil line and hydraulic cylinders together, install carefully to prevent the hydraulic station oil from spilling.

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