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What is the production progress of small jaw crusher?


The production progress of Small Jaw Crusher has two main steps. First, form structure. The main structure of jaw crusher is composed of high manganese steel, which has the feathers of high crushing ratio and wear-resistant.  After finished the structure, it is sprayed lacquer to avoid rust in the outdoor work.  And this design can increase the working time and decrease the wear.


Large and medium-sized jaw crushers are the main products of our company and have taken the leading position in the world. However, small jaw crusher has advantages, too.

1) Firm structure, stable performance, large capacity, even producing granularity.

2) With the increase of production, small jaw crusher can greatly reduce the operating costs.

3) Convenient maintenance and economical running expense..

4) The large feed opening and force feeding action from the inward and downward eccentric movement of the swing jaw mean that small jaw crusher can increase the capacity.

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