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What can I do when there is trouble with jaw crusher?


Jaw crusher, whose size reduction ratio up to 4—6 and the final products are even, can be widely used in crushing hard, medium-hard, soft ore, and various kinds of ore, the solvent, slag, building stones, marble, etc. Compression strength does not exceed 320 Pa. This machine is suitable for mining, building construction, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry.

For those who have bought jaw crusher, he may meet the trouble in operation. The following is talking about the normal trouble and trouble shooting.

  1. Trouble: The flywheel reverse, crushing stops, the toggle plate draw down.

Main reason:

(1) Spring broken (2) Tension rod broken (3) Toggle plate broken

Trouble shooting:

(1) change Spring (2) change tension rod  (3)change toggle plate

  1. The broken board shakes, produce strike sound

Main reason:

(1)Set bolt of crushing plate loose (2) Set bolt of crushing plate ruptures

Trouble shooting:

(1)Fastening the set bolt, change it if anti-loose spring not works well

(2) Change set bolt of crushing plate

  1. Bump sound or other abnormal sound from toggle seats

Main reason:

(1) The spring doesn’t strain enough (2)The seat is worn and torn or loose

(3) The end of toggle plate is worn (4) Adjusting device of discharge

Trouble shooting:

(1) Tighten the spring or change the spring (2) Change the toggle seat

(3) Change toggle plate, re-adjust adjusting device

  1. Crushing chamber blocked, electric current of the main motor is higher than normal electric current

Main reason:

(1) Big stone enter the side of crushing chamber, cannot be crushed.

(2) Trouble in belt conveyor that under crusher, discharge opening blocked

(3) Viscous and other things block discharge opening

(4) Over feeding

Trouble shooting:

(1) Stop crusher, fasten the stone with steel wire and hang out with crane.

(2) Stop feeding, get rid of belt machine trouble, don’t stop crusher if not necessary

(3) Stopping feeding, clear discharge opening, don’t stop crusher if possible

(4) Adjust down rotation speed of the feeder, reduce feeding amount

More information or problem, even about failure, troubleshooting and maintenance, CONTRACT US.

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