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Welcome the chill in the air with winter fashions

Alexander Sartor and Christiane Fortescue model some Myer winter fashions at Caneland Central, Mackay.  

( has arrived and winter isn’t too far behind.

The early daybreak chill in the air has shocked some Mackay residents over the past week, but those who are fashion-forward are well prepared for the chilly mornings and warmer days.

About now is the time Mackay residents start pulling out our scarves, coats and boots in hopes that the nice cooler weather will stick around.

Myer Mackay store manager, Alexis Pead, said there are some new trends which are occurring this season.

“Neutral colours are always a go-to in winter but we also have those pops of colour which include blush pinks and bronze tones,” she said. “With footwear, traditionally they are always very black but this fashion season we are seeing boots in tans and browns and heels that are a pop of colour in metallics.

“Over the past few days we have seen an increase of sales in both men’s and women’s long-sleeved tops. Customers are opting for basic pieces and layering with lighter pieces.”

While layering is the knack to staying warm, there is also a trick in not going over the top.

“The big trend at the moment is layering with different textures and fabrics as it suits our climate,” Ms Pead said.

“But the trick is to not go too overboard with lots of layers; choose slightly warmer trans-seasonal pieces to layer such as lightweight jackets and scarves that can be taken off during the day when it warms up and put back on at the end of the day when it cools down.

“Summer is certainly Mackay’s season where we tend to like bright colours and prints, so winter is a little more tricky for us, but this fashion season there is more colour than usual, which is really nice to see.”

And what should we be investing in for the cooler winter days?

“For women it’s definitely a tailored jacket, the trend is lots of tees and blouses so team it up with a simple, tailored jacket, which can be mixed and matched with other pieces,” Ms Pead said.

“And for the men, as it’s getting colder they are opting for the knitted sweater.

“They are available in lots of lovely colours; cobalt blues and emeralds, which the guys really like.”

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