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What is VoIP
Voip Providers Australia
VOIP service or VoIP which stands for “voice over internet protocol” usually also referred to as Internet Phone is a tremendous breakthrough in the communications sector, it has actually changed on how some business operates. It’s basically a highly cost effective and one of the most reliable ways for various Businesses and even a lot of Home’s to make calls locally or also around the world. Today there are a lot of independent companies specialize in providing this type of Service to clients and customers are very reasonable rates and tons of extra features. VoIPLine telecom is also one of the VoIP service provider based in Australia, and they specialize in Hosted PBX and VoIP services.

More Than Just Computers
When somebody talks about VoIP or when they think about VoIP the first thing that comes to the mind is computers or communication services like Skype, Viber or Facetime due to their popularity among people today, but this is just one phase or we can say one aspect of what actually VoIP can do or it can offer. The basic technology on which VoIP works is basically is that it converts the voice of a caller into digital data or its also known as packets and then transfers it across to the receiver using high speed internet and then converts it back to Voice so that the receiver can understand and vice-versa. Where we can also say that the user is making a phone call using internet rather than using a traditional phone line. With VoIPLine telecom users are not limited to only using the service on the computer, the service can connect through the internet using IP Telephone equipment which is exactly like a regular line to use, the only difference is it is connected straight to the network of the business or home through an adapter or Ethernet cable. VoIPLine also gives its users the options to use a Softphone which is an ip phone software, which can be installed on the computer and can be used exactly as a phone using the computers headphones and mic. For mobility users can also install the softphone apps in their smartphones and can use VoIP services while they are on the move.

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