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Truck Accident Lawyer in Nebraska

Imagine sitting in your vehicle at a traffic light or stop sign waiting for your cue to go. You’re dialing through radio stations, glancing at your phone or chatting with a friend in the passenger seat when you glance in your rear view mirror and see an 18-wheeler barreling toward you at top speed. What do you do? Unfortunately, by the time most drivers realize they need an answer to this particular question, it’s too late to react. This why you need an experienced Nebraska truck accident attorney.

Loaded to their maximum legal limit, 18-wheelers weigh upwards of 117,000 pounds. At a speed of 60 miles per hour, they require 250 to 330 feet to stop depending on their date of manufacture and other factors. Of course, that’s assuming the driver is fully trained and alert, well seasoned in his or her profession, has finely honed reflexes, and the road is dry.

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