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Tips for Selecting a Wellness Coach


Wellness by definition is one’s optimal physical and mental health. To feel well you need to maintain both components and continually invest in both. But at this point you should decide for yourself what you would like to improve. Whether you want to improve your health and so work out more; or maybe you lack energy for everyday errands; or probably stress relief is what you need right now. Decide what you need so that later you will be able to discuss it with your fitness or wellness coach. Below we offer you several tips that will help you find the right coach for your needs.
Qualities of an Effective Coach
When looking for a wellness and fitness coach you should make sure that the person you plan to hire is a good listener who does not judge. It is a vital quality because you will be sharing our fears and doubts with him or her and need to feel comfortable about doing so. This person must respect you and your actions, help you improve but again pose no judgments. This must be an example for you who arouses, energizes, engages, and challenges you every day to reach higher goals at the right moment. You both need to have some common interests and values in life to have a possibility of easy communication.
Trainings and Certificates
All wellness coaches must undergo special trainings and get specific knowledge about physiological and psychological peculiarities of a human body to have a possibility of giving the right help for any client. As a rule, professional wellness coach has to have a certificate from a special program that lasts from half a year to 2 years of coaching and training practice. After finishing the training they get a certificate that describes their core coaching competencies. It is vital to work with a coach who has certification because this is the only way to check his or her professionalism in the very beginning.
Questions to Ask a Coach
When you are hiring a wellness coach, make sure to conduct a primary interview with him or her to get answers to any of your questions. Here are some of the most important ones that you should always ask.
1. Licenses, certification, and credentials are must-haves for a professional wellness coach. Make sure that you check these documents.
2. Background info. It is always beneficial to cooperate with a coach who has medical or sport background, because this person knows on his or her own back all the difficulties and problems that may occur and so can give much more valuable advice.
3. Ask about the aspects of wellness a coach specializes on.
4. Ask details about the typical format of coaching sessions that a professional offers.
5. And the last thing is about the cost of services.
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