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The VT56 would be the to start with ATEQ TPMS tool to print wirelessly

Icon-based navigation makes it very easy to scroll as a result of the multiple menus and functions delivered inside our resource. You are able to simply navigate to the vehicle’s dedicated menu then right away go back into the general menu. The new 8 tender button keypad permits you to navigate the menus faster and more accurately. The brand new ATEQ VT55 characteristics Help and Education menus this means you can constantly contain the newest information any time you require it the most, reducing downtime.
ATEQ VT55 OBDII TPMS Diagnostic Tool
The VIN barcode reader can make coming into VIN numbers less difficult. The integrated reader can be a work-saving characteristic that automatically captures the VIN variety of the vehicle and decodes it for speedy vehicle identification. ATEQ improved OBDII transfer know-how that improves the automobile protection for the two domestic and import.

The VT56 will be the to start with ATEQ TPMS resource to print wirelessly with an optional docking station integrated printer. You are going to not involve a computer to print comprehensive TPMS info in your consumer. ATEQ could be the number a person entire world provider from the Professional Diagnostic Tools (Tire Strain Monitoring Program) discipline by giving a whole variety of TPM activation tools for the two assembly

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