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The requirements of refractory materials in cement rotary kiln burning zone

1. When the cement rotary kiln rotating lap, the refractory in the kiln will be exposed to the gas in the kiln once. In addition to the time, the refractory materials are covered by the material, so the kiln refractories hot surface temperature will be subject to periodic thermal shock, which requires the refractory materials in the burning zone have good thermal shock stability.

2. Cement rotary kiln in normal operation, there must have stable burning zone lining brick. And the “kiln skin” can not be too thick or too thin. When the “kiln skin” is too thick, it will affect the normal calcination, affecting production; if the “kiln skin” is too thin, the meting loss of refractory materials is large. So the refractory materials need a good hang “kiln skin” ability.

3. Cement clinker will form silicate liquid phase at high temperature and silicate liquid phase easily penetrate into the refractory fire bricks, resulting in refractory chemical composition and mineral composition changes or even damage. Therefore, refractory materials need have strong resistance to erosion. There have many kinds of refractory products in our factory, such as fire brick for sale, refractory nozzle, refractory raw material, refractory nozzle. Welcome to view our factory to know more refractory products.

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