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the one that for away

Most places on Earth are indeed different in there own unique way, but they are all so, very, similar as well. Well like most places, is exactly how it was in a small town called Lavina in the, oh so famous, Montana. A population of 175 people and 1.01 square miles. The winters here are usually in the 20s and well ima tell you in the summers it doesn’t get much better, usually in the 60s. Anyways, let me tell you about me and mine. Just like our off the map little town, the people here are brainwashed by everything and even everyone around them. The worst part about them being brainwashed is that no one even notices, not even me. So lays begin, shall we?

I wasn’t anything special now that I think about it, I was just like everyone else, blinded. When I say I was blinded now of course I don’t mean that, it was just a figure of speech. It wasn’t until I left that I noticed this all. Even now when I look back at it I know it was for the better and not the worst, but at that time I thought that it was gonna ruin my entire life.

It was my second to last year of highschool and the school year was coming to an end, no biggie summer was coming. Except one evening after dinner my parents sat me and my brother down and told us that we were moving. My brother thought it was cool clean slate and everything for the last year of school. Me, on the other hand I was devastated, who did they think they were coming on and wrecking everything I’d built up. I had already planned on what was gonna happen next year, and I had someone really special who I loved. Ha l told my parents that I think they seriously telepathically laughed at me and agreed we were moving. My life was over.

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