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The forecast of LED display

The LED display lighting comes with commercial advertising and city lighting engineering broader usage of the forecast. LED display with low power consumption, long life, easy maintenance and modular performance and brightness increase gradually grown into the most rapidly developing areas in traditional applications.

We launched a powerful, affordable outdoor full color. The outdoor full color has image stabilization, superior pure digital technology, quality, appearance, and many other advantages, lightweight, easy to transport and install, can provide video solutions for entertainment, business centers, supermarkets, airports, and other small gatherings.

LED display demand forecast is 150 times the phone. Legal persons that, because of the cost is still higher than traditional LED lighting. The current national response to the economic crisis introduced a series of policies to stimulate domestic demand, the move to increase economic growth, infrastructure investment, LED display screen is also effective to promote the demand for, experts predict that the LED display next three years compound annual growth rate will exceed 25%.

In the 21st century led display industry has developed rapidly in various industrial competitive advantages of filling, it has grown into the most market potential of the emerging industry! LED display industry development so far, whether in appearance, quality or display aspects have been changing, with the past is quite different, LED displays are to bring people to the magic of performance unparalleled visual experience. Now LED display magic is continuing, the United States has developed a vendor LED display, immediately caused a sensation in the world.

The outdoor LED display technology is the human wisdom. In the era of technological innovation is everything, LED display industry is deeply grasp the trend of the times, and constantly develop innovative Cheong I. green revolution. Looking to the future we are looking forward to the LED display industry, we expect it to bring us the more magic show!

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