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The detained introduce to roll crusher for stone crusher in China


Roll crusher is used mainly for crushing easily fractured materials such as soft limestone, chalk, and clay to between 1/3 and 1/5 of its original size. Double Roller Crushers are used for both, primary and secondary crushing, such as coke, sinter, coal, soft to medium-hard rock, ore, chalk, broken glass and similar products. They guarantee a strictly defined final grain size with a minimum of fine grains. The following is introducing double roller crusher of Great Wall Heavy Industry Company:

What does Double Roller Crusher benefit customers?

  1. With the advanced hydraulic control system, users can adjust the pressure according to the material hardness, so that can press and pulverize the materials absolutely;
  2. With sensor, the machine can load relief when overload, so that to protect the machine;
  3. The advanced hardfaced technology improves the roller covers’ life;
  4. Good performance, low cost in operation and easily maintainence.

The working principle of Double Roller Crusher

The motor drives the fixed roller and movable roller to work via reducer and coupling. Materials are put into the space between the two rollers via the feed entrance. As the two rollers inward turning, the input materials are crushed, pressed, ground, and at last come out from the base of the machine.

The Special Characteristics

The crushing rolls consist of the roller bodies, complemented with crushing rings or crushing shells. The rolls are secured either with anchor bolts and end disks, or bolted with screws. In order to facilitate maintenance, the crushing roll shafts are arranged in heavy-duty cast steel housings with lubricated, amply dimensioned spherical roller bearings. Materials used are of highly wear-resistant specially cast alloys in order to achieve long lifetimes of parts.

More information, even about failure, troubleshooting and maintenance, CONTRACT US. It is a pleasure to help you.

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