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The continuous development of Refractory material in China

The volume of refractories consumed is projected to rise in the USA, Western Europe, and Japan following an extended period of decline, as economic conditions strengthen in these areas and output of ferrous metals and other refractories-using products rebounds. Output gains in these areas are more likely to result in higher refractories demand because the manufacturing techniques used are already so efficient that it will be much difficult to reduce refractories consumption on a per unit output basis than in less developed countries.

Due to their greater use of more costly, high-quality products, the US, Western Europe, and Japan will account for a larger share of the world refractories market in dollar terms in 2020 than they will in tonnage?ChangXing Refractory is a Chinese leading refractory and oil fracturing proppant manufacturer & supplier with a wide range industries in high temperature field . From a refractory bricks manufacturing factory, Changxing has become a professional manufacture with various refractory materials and oil fracturing proppant both in domestic and international market during 30+ years, whose customers covering North America, Middle East, South Asia, Africa, etc.

While this definition correctly identifies the fundamental characteristics of refractories–their ability to provide containment of substances at high temperature–refractories comprise a broad class of materials having the above characteristics to varying degrees, for varying periods of time, and under varying conditions of use. There are a wide variety of refractory compositions fabricated in a vast variety of shapes and forms which have been adapted to a broad range of applications.

The common denominator is that when used they will be subjected to temperatures above 1000°F (538°C) when in service. Refractory products fall into two categories: brick or fired shapes, and specialties or monolithic refractories. Refractory linings are made from these brick and shapes, or from specialties such as plastics, castables, gunning mixes or ramming mixes, or from a combination of both.ChangXing has a production line, which is base on oil & gas applied ceramic proppant, and also with 3 factories focusing on all kinds of refractory materials used for iron & steel casting, cement, glass petrochemical and ceramics industries. With abundant sources and professional techniques, we would like to build a reliable and efficient platform for customers all over the world.

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