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The ASOS Bridal Collection Is Here to Make You Wish You Were Engaged

When it was announced back in November 2015 that ASOS was launching an affordable bridal range, everyone was excited. It didn’t matter if you were a bride-to-be, if you had just gotten engaged, or if you weren’t even in a relationship. No matter what ASOS does, it’s always done well, and at an affordable price point, too. We saw some preview photos of the bridal range, but now you can get your hands on the collection.

Pictures from bridesmaidca
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The ASOS bridal collection is trendy and budget-friendly, just like the rest of the clothes on the website. ASOS design director Vanessa Spence explained to Vogue UK that no wedding dress would be over the £400 mark (that works out to about $565). However, the dresses still have gorgeous details. There’s embellishment that has been applied by hand in India, lace, rhinestones, and faux pearls.

If you are a more of a minimalist bride, there are looks for you too. If you want to wear a crop top to your wedding, ASOS has you covered. If you want a classic Flower Girl Dresses that will never look dated in photos, the collection has options for you too. There are also shorter options for those brides who aren’t as traditional or want to change into something less restrictive after the ceremony.

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