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The application of diesel engine stone crusher

One question is written as this: I need a stone crusher which is not powered by electricity. And the output size is 5mm. Which crusher is better?


The puzzle comes from the ignorance. The traditional stone crusher is almost powered by electricity as the electricity is convenient and easy to get. However, the various demands of clients create more crushing ways. In some remote place or outdoor, electricity is rare or not easy to get. Diesel engine stone crusher solves this question.


Diesel engine stone crusher not only use in small scale stone crusher but also production line. There are several types: small or large. If you need a small scale crushing or home crushing, you can choose the small. If you need one to work with the production line, the large type is suitable. Otherwise, the output size is changeable, which varies from 3 mm to 20mm. If your requirement is not at the section, the designer can also design the machine to meet your demands.

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