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The app that will style your wedding party for you

Bridesmaids sorted at the tap of a button.

“Bridesmaid graduation dresses hopping is such a notoriously difficult process that it’s become a cliché,” explains Fame and Partners founder Nyree Corby. “The modern bride is looking for an easy, convenient way to find cool bridal wear.” Enter The Wedding Atelier app. Digital fashion house Fame and Partners have launched an app that will style your wedding party for you.

The app that will style your wedding party for you“We’ve all heard a story or two about the unflattering bridesmaid dresses that cost a fortune never to be worn again,” says Corby. “Once Fame and Partners decided to enter the weddings category, we looked at how to solve those issues; how to deliver a convenient, social experience that allowed brides and bridesmaids to collaborate on beautiful, individualised looks for the wedding day – and how to do it at an accessible price point.”

Fame and Partners have just launched their debut bridal collection and the app will coincide with this. Through the app, brides will be able to customise nearly everything about their chosen bridesmaid dresses: fabric, colour, fit, and design details. That means you can adapt your ideal dresses to those bridesmaids who might have strict demands on what they were.

While there are eight silhouettes, there are up to 40,000 style combinations due to the ability to customise the gowns.

“We discovered that by creating eight base silhouettes, designed to flatter every body type, and taking a modular approach to customisation, we could solve all of these issues. With the app, bridesmaids can now create a cohesive set of dresses, individually customised to fit and flatter each woman. By adding in tools to make communication easier, we could also allow bridal parties to build the entire group’s look together.”

The sizes run from 0 to 22 and start at $262.

“One of the most useful features of the app is that you can design an unlimited number of graduation gowns, and then circulate those designs to the entire bridal party through the group chat. Brides and bridesmaids can discuss each design and vote on which looks work best together.”

The best bit? “We even offer a group discount for bridal parties who purchase as a group.”

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