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Styles and techniques of engagement ring settings to choose from

Do you have plans to design custom engagement ring setting? That’s great. But you know the diamond world is quite daunting and you would be in a mess with wide varieties. Not scaring you actually.

A unique setting just doubles the gorgeousness of a diamond ring. Different styles refer to different tastes of individuals. For those who like simplicity, might prefer a simple solitaire while a fashion-forward lady would choose bezel setting. Check out some popular ring setting styles.

Styles of engagement ring settings:

  • Side Stone –

Also known as accent stone, this style’s speciality is to compliment the gemstone. One can experiment with various types of settings with side stones.

  • Three-stone –

Diamond is not just about the value or the shine; rather, it reflects the past, present and future of a relationship. Three-stone is a perfect choice for the purpose.

  • Solitaire –

In a solitaire style, there are no side stones. It’s a single diamond or any gemstone that is mostly set by the prong technique.

These popular styles are supported by different setting techniques. To design custom engagement ring setting, these would be another essential part.

  1. Prong setting – A prong setting allows enough light to enter your diamond while holding it firmly. These can be 4, 5 or 6 corners evenly set around the gemstone.


  1. Bar channel settings – Here, two metal walls vertically placed on either side secure the diamond place in between.


  1. Bezel settings – In bezel setting technique, the diamond is surrounded by a metallic rim by the griddle. It’s sort of a dramatic setting giving the gemstone a secured hold.

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