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Special fashion issue: colorless

But tell me, black and white, can be used or not, are perhaps the forbidden fruit?” ( Vincent Van Gogh, Letter to Theo).

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In the game of opposites and contradictions , the power of color meets the silence of neutral tones. White, increasingly, in soft shades such as magnolia, cream , cappuccino clear and darker, the sage cleared. They are variations on the theme that open new avenues to the study of the forms. As shown in the collections of Fendi , as white as the marble of Eternal Rome and monumental volumes, which are based on rationalism. Slender first, then more and more swollen by the use of padded down jacket for clothes, tight under the bust with a belt.

It plunges into non-color Anna Molinari , who has always been a world of women to excess with its Blumarine and today finds the calm of a warm white, defined by touches of black minimum . The result is a less sensual performed, more intimate and inviting to be discovered step by step. A brush between the sage and the blue concentrates the sophisticated taste of Giorgio Armani for the unusual palette and simple, that is his real basic element along with a purified vision of elegance in this collection called “New classical”.

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This fine line between rigor and sexiness also ranks Gaia Trussardi , creative director of the brand, which used the tassel from thin glove for high-waisted pants where tuck shirts with large volumes and for work clothes. In natural tones and warm skin. In a collection precious and precise, imagined for a cold winter , Nicolas Ghesquière embeds the female body in a white fur that makes it ethereal. Because this season to be a “love affair, made ​​up of scattered inspirations and great aspirations.”

But none is greater than that of Max Mara , looking at Marilyn Monroe . Marilyn evoked in his heart, on the winter beach, wrapped in a cardigan Norwegian , as in the famous photo taken by George Barris in 1962. Translated today in mohair and wool camel powder, and hairy coats worn as bathrobes on straight skirts of silk quilted. Expresses his kindness creative Consuelo Castiglioni , giving Marni harmony extreme double fabrics and crisp hues merged with contributions from wild fox . With quotations declared Gustav Klimt and to optical, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli have undertaken for Valentino a new path, comparing rigor and carnality. Because the minimal clothing of a white moving have a sweetness and languor that enhance the beauty of the body modestly.

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