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Some Guidances Before Buying a Rearview Mirror DVR

With the development of GPS technology on camera, it has spread into the car rear mirror to protect the security of drivers. Now it has been a quite popular product in the car accessories. People would like to use the function of recording details when they are driving although there are still some useful functions for our life. This article will discuss something about buying a mirror dvr, hope it can help you.

Basic Knowledge You Need to Know

Rearview mirror dvr belongs car accessories as well as electronics products, it usually put into the car according to different types, in Jimilab, JC 800 car box need to be placed on the car, and JC 600 is placed where the rear view mirror is. they also have many functions, such as recording, navigation, calling, and even some other entertainments. For car owners, whatever car you drive, for making your drive much safer, buying a rearview mirror dvr will give you peace of mind.

What You Should to Do When Buying


It is a quite imporant factor that consider whether you need to buy one, but not the only one, we should choose a suitable price depends on its features and decide which one is valuable to buy. The best way to choose a good rearview mirror dvr is researching different kinds of products and prices before buying, the other way is to reduce the cost and know the main purpose of purchase, ignore those unuseful fucntions.


There are two aspects, quality and time. If there often appear blurred images or sounds, this device sounds useless. Except that, time is also important, we need continuous videos as long as possible, I think many short video will make you crazy. So the rearview mirror dvr you bought need the features of high resolution and long time recording.


Rearview mirror dvr should have long battery time, at least 8-10 hours, and then you will not charge it so frequent, when you want to have a long vacation, it can record all the details without reducing quality of images and sounds.

Rearview Mirror DVR Recommendation

JC800 3G Android GPS Navigation carbox‘s HD 1080P recording make sure every detail is recorded and provide full evidence during conflict. Android latest operating system provides possibilities for easy integration of new softwares, making the device a truly smart assistant while you drive.

android mirror car


  • Android 4.2
  • MTK Dual-Core,1.3GHz
  • 5.5 Inch IPS touch screen
  • Built-in WiFi
  • 3G WCDMA
  • GPS tracking
  • 1080P video recording
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Hands-free Phone
  • TF Card Memory, Max Support 32G



If rearview mirror dvr you choose to buy is comply with all above characteristics, well, do not hesitate and buy smart car mirror now. If they still can not satisfy you, do not need to worry about it, Here is a good website to you, which has many experiences on rearview mirror dvr, want to have a try? Come to click at it now.


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