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Single woman organises a wedding ceremony

A single woman is so fed up with searching for ‘Mr Right’ that with her 40th birthday looming she is going to celebrate the event by having a wedding ceremony without a groom.

Lynne Gollogly, 39, of Rotherham, South Yorkshire, will be saying ‘I do’ to absolutely no body after stating she has ‘no interest’ in being a relationship – saying ‘I’m happy being me’.

Sick of searching for Mr Right Lynne Gollogly will celebrate her 40th birthday by holding her own wedding ceremony despite not having a groom Her party will take on a wedding theme and in the invitations she encourages female guests to wear their bridal gowns writing ‘I expect more than one bride at this wedding!’

Lynne has even penned two hen doos before her bash in April and will also be travelling to Rome – where she will be enjoying her honeymoon alone.

She’s gone all out for her white wedding – as she’s already had make-up trials, purchased her graduation dresses and booked the ‘top secret’ venue.

Lynne said: ‘You know, I’ve had a lot of potentials in the past, but I’m not just going to settle for anyone just so I fit into today’s society.

‘I’ve been single for a while now and have no interest in being in a relationship. I did get engaged once, when I was younger, but it was silly and nothing came of it.

‘I think with these things I’d never says never – but I’m not going to hang around for much longer.’

Lynne, who works as a business analyst, has had her mum Flo help her pick her dress out and her brother-in-law is also taking her to the venue.

She hopes to tie the knot – even though she cannot go through with this legally – with herself at a huge bash on April 8.

Lynne said she got the idea from an episode of the TV series FRIENDS when Monica, Rachel and Phoebe all try on wedding dresses.

She said: ‘It’s always something I’ve wanted to do, and because ‘Mr. Right’ hasn’t turned up yet – I’m just going to go a head and get married without him.’

While there will be no legal ceremony, the ‘big event’ will take place in the form of a wedding party complete with disco, buffet and guests having a ‘general knees up’.

Asked about the moment she bought her dress, Lynne said: ‘The staff at the Wed2B store were absolutely beside themselves when I told them I was actually planning to marry myself.

‘My family and friends know full well that I’m bonkers though, so this hasn’t come as a shock to them.

‘I thought this way I could give loved ones an opportunity to wear their wedding outfits and celebrate just being my quirky self.’

Her mum Flo Gollogly, 68, added: ‘Lynne has just not met the right man and she is proud to do things by herself – and I’m really looking forward to her party.’

Lynne will travel to Rome on her lonesome for her romantic ‘honeymoon’ in July – but only time will tell if she bags a companion in the Italian capital.

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