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Say Hi to The New Month

Hey hey:)

how did you all start into the new week? In my case University started again but I don’t have any courses today (actually I have, but unfortunatelly I’m not able to attend them 😉 ) so it’s a day like any other in my case :). I went to the gym with my mom and I nearly died because I haven’t been working out the whole last month. There were a few old women and I’m sure, they were in a better condition than I am currently haha… I already went to the gym yesterday and even if I only did a very light workout, my muscles are sore…!


Picture by: Adoringdress Evening Dresses

Sabine and I took some pictures yesterday: as you can see, I colored my hair again and went back to brown. Before I was supposed to have blonde hair, but I looked more like an orange… So I decided to go back to the roots 🙂 The jacket I’m wearing is from my older (but much tinier) sister but she can’t wear it because it’s much to big for her. So when she asked me if I wanna have it, I didn’t hesistate saying yes, even if I’m not sure how much I’m going to wear this jacket because I think it’s quite special and doesn’t fit any occassion. But better one jacket more than one less in your closet, right? 😉

Wish you all a great week and thank you for reading 🙂

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