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Safe and Reliable Is Important

You should to reading more information/tips from online or others before you buying elevator for your home/company, here let me tell you why you should choose to buying elevator: Fuji Control System, Smooth Start, Quiet Moving

Fuji-HD passenger elevator special frequency changer takes the control theory of the advanced technology as the foundation. The start, acceleration, brake curves are designed according to the ergonomic theory in order to get the finest coziness. It is a genuine current vector control variable frequency drive system.

Safe & Reliable

Reasonable machine room arrangement keeps sufficient maintenance space. Parts after reliability test ensure elevator run continuously stably.

High Efficiency & Low Noise

The application of permanent magnet synchronous motor changes the traditional drive mode of traction machine, it is effective and noise-reducing.

Professional & Attentive

Normative professional installation and attentive regular maintenance make elevator always run in nice condition. Nationwide service network maximum safety insurance.

Exquisite and Graceful

Exquisite design integrated with most advanced craft makes the quality of elevator from Fuji-HD outstandingly perfect. Graceful exterior design and glorious car decoration meet individual demands from different occasions.

Green and Environment Friendly

Compared with a traditional geared traction machine, the permanent magnetic synchronous drive saves up to 60%in energy consumption. Lubricant-free motor keeps environmental-friendly.

Configuration and function

Emergency car lighting
Light curtain protection
Shaft floor distance self-tuning
Full load passby
Overload holding stop
Car illumination/automatic shut-off of the fan
Power on re-leveling
Main floor shut off
Automatic return to lobby floor
Hoisting rope slippery resistant protection
Inspection operation
Inching operation
Safety stop
Self diagnosis of breakdown
Repeated door closing
Reopen with hall call
Express door closing
Car stops and doors open
Micro-touch button for car
Car arrival gone
5-party intercom
Car bell
Floor and direction indicator in the car
Floor and direction indicator at hall
Compulsory slowdown protection at terminal stations
Up/down overrun and final limit protection
Overspeed protection device
Preload start

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