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Real Madrid Champions League off negative Wolfsburg

Real Madrid Champions League off negative Wolfsburg, J Lo only the last five minutes off the bench, totally ineffective. Real Madrid on the 10th of nearly four games played only two games, his mother revealed that J Lo showdown brokers may in the near future to the club, seeking to transfer.

After Casemiro host, J Lo quickly fell out of favor in recent four games off the bench only played 20 minutes (excluding stoppage time), and the last 15 minutes of play against Sevilla in fact have only a waste of time (time already played 3-0) only two goals behind Real Madrid campaign when frustrated, Zidane played his luck to change, but the ball only five times Colombians, without any tactical value, running is not positive, Jones did not play a full role.

Around J Lo’s transfer rumors spread, his mother Pilar – Rubio hinted that his son’s agent will meet with Florentino in the near future to discuss the future of the question: “I have to say his future is not, players not playing the game, there will be fifa 17 coins transfer news is not surprising, but the final decision will be, brokers, and Florentino himself to make a decision together. ”

In Pilar opinion, Zidane’s new tactical system for J Lo is hurt: “15 days before the World War, I knew he would not be played Casemiro formation can be kept balanced and BBC can not not. …… I hope the situation can change, should hit James in his best position, rather than fill the gap left now always be the patch. ”

Colombians stand J Lo here, especially after the latter back to the national team doing well after two games World Cup 1 ball and 2 assists, Milan striker Baca said: “I think he’s in good shape, but needs the support of the club after the transfer the first season he performed well this season is a difficult time, but he is also a talented work hard in the future he will be a success. ”

But J Polo Club where success really has become a doubt, the British media revealed that Real Madrid € 75 million price tag is willing to sell J Lo. Prior to the “football decrypt” disclose J Lo transfer contract, the transfer fee is fixed this number (and another 10 million variable bonus provision), Florentino hopes at least to recover the costs.

J Lo is the best midfielder in La Liga last season, outstanding ability, the image of the sun, chasing his wealthy natural lot, “Daily Mirror newspaper,” said Manchester United Chelsea (data) two British giants prepare to rebuild the coaching change, hope No. 10 recruit Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain are also not short of money that he can hope to Dimaliya second. J Lo and Isco who will leave Real Madrid? Zidane announced in advance do not want to answer: “I like them, are strong, I want them to play, but the difficulty is that the coach’s choice, we have 22 players, only eleven.”

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