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Real Madrid 0-2 away to VfL Wolfsburg in UEFA quarter-final first leg

Champions League quarter-final first leg, Real Madrid 0-2 away to VfL Wolfsburg, 5-game winning streak ended in the Champions League, the Champions League for the first time this season, lost, Wolfsburg won the Champions League five straight. Wolfsburg striker Xu Earle manufacturing controversial penalty, Ricardo – Rodriguez takes the break, Arnold scored again, Benzema back injury, Nava Erving gilded crown clean sheets ended.

Real Madrid World War knockout match in Bayern’s Bundesliga team except after back pass 7 8 encounters, only lost to Dortmund. World War two teams clash for the first time to buy fifa coins, nearly 6 Real Madrid Champions League off war to win three games, but after 29 times a guest in Germany, four wins, six draws and 19 losses. Danilo replace Carvajal, and other locations confront Barcelona (official website data) the same battle, C Luo led BBC assault, Guevara missed.

C Lo 124th Champions League appearance, tying Scholes, tied for sixth history. Opening 1 minute, C Luo lightning break, but was whistled offside. 3 minutes, Bell steals front after the opponent knocked in the penalty area, the referee did not care. The first 14 minutes, Benzema back in flash Naldo, single-pole ball low shot by goalkeeper Leo Burnett closed out.

The first 16 minutes, Draxler left wing breaking biography, Xu Earle ready kicker shot, the referee Rocchi penalty Casemiro behind tripping foul, disputed penalty, Ricardo – Rodriguez takes the point ball fool Navas, 1-0. Ricardo – Rodriguez this season, the first three goals, all from the penalty spot. Nava Erving crown consecutive zero closure record fixed in 738 minutes, ranking history, second only to Lehman 853 minutes, which is also the first time in the Champions League this season, Real Madrid came from behind. Real Madrid Champions League history was fined a total of 23 penalties, tied Arsenal (data), tied for first in history.

The first 25 minutes, Jilawoji ball, Draxler crossing the ball, Bruno – Enrique pass the ball low and flat right front of Arnold Tongshe break, 2-0. Arnold scored his first ball in 2016, which is after the September 2005 match in Lyon, Real Madrid in the Champions League before the first 25 minutes lost the next two goals, but also Real Madrid in the Champions League first knockout so soon lost 2 balls. Casemiro sent two Champions League this season from the penalty spot, tied Srna and Mladenovic, tied for first. Real Madrid lost the next two goals in the last half of the Champions League, is the April 2014 fighting off Dortmund (0-2).

The first 33 minutes, Bell left-wing pass, Benzema header hoisting the target. Benzema injured, it was less than half Hersey replaced. The first 44 minutes, before the restricted area manufacturing Hersey free kick, Bell takes the left foot shot hit high pocket. Real Madrid Champions League after half behind two goals, four draws and 21 losses without a reversal.

The first 48 minutes, Bell struck a cross, C Luo closed road oblique missed, because Leo Burnett delay of game time was booked. The first 68 minutes, Bruno – Enrique crossing the ball right Xu Earle restricted volley hit a little high. The first 73 minutes, Isco Zhise, C Luo restricted the right of small-angle oblique, Leo Burnett attack the ball closed out. Fengpao fans into the stadium, the game was delayed for a moment.

Real Madrid 0-2 defeat in the Champions League this season, lost for the first time, whether consecutive six years into the Champions League semi-finals doubt heavy, knockout competition system under the current war in Europe, the group had a total of 678 series appeared first leg score 2-0, only 17 final % of the team can reverse the cut, while Real Madrid nearly eight times the first leg of the Champions League knockout defeat, were eliminated.

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