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Raymond mill drawback with true case

As the most popular grinding mil in the past year, the drawback of Raymond mill is more and more obvious. Several days ago, in my other articles, I had written its defect about capacity and output size which can not meet the modern and better requirements. Today I will cite a true case to illustrate my ideas.


Mr. Sealana from Philippines needs a grinding mill, the main specification as follows:

Source material: marble, limestone; humidity 10%.

Requirements: moisture 0.3%, fineness 0,033-0,045 mm; performance d98 = 0.01 mm 2 t / h;


According to the requirements, Raymond mill is OK except the fineness. The so fine output size is out of Raymond mill reach range. So Raymond mill is not suitable anymore for these superfine grinding. The grinding mill designers have noticed these questions, so they design the high pressure grinding mill – high pressure suspension mill to meet more demands.

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