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Audio recorder and video portable camouflaged within a pen.

Located on the front of the pen a tiny hole, hidden and invaluable, for which reaches the image to a color pinhole spy camera has. Inside the pen, and completely hidden from view, it is a recording device in 4GB memory and rechargeable battery. Recording is activated manually by pressing the button on the top of the pen. The videos obtained are 30 frames per second, compression MJPEG, AVI format and high resolution of 640 x 480 .. The device can also be configured to capture photographs, taking a JPG image of 1280 x 1024 each time you press the button from the top of the pen. The entire system is powered by a rechargeable battery via USB, with a range of approximately 85 minutes.

The pen is fully functional and has no external element to indicate that it is a portable recorder. Unscrewing the pen found a USB connector that lets you connect the pen recorder to a computer to view and save videos and photographs as well as recharge the device. – an online spy Gadget shop to Buy Spy Camera and Hidden Video Pen Camera – Buy Spy Pen Camera, Spy Watch Camera, Hidden Camera in Sunglasses and Cell Phone Hidden Spy Camera at Best Discount Price.

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