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Plastic containers are also recommended

You will need an earthquake survival kit for Plastic Plates and Bowls your home, automobile, and office, or where you spend the most of your waking and sleeping hours.

Prepare yourself and your family now. Always have an earthquake survival kit on hand and a survival plan. Here are a list of the following items and tips that can be crucial for your survival in the event of an earthquake.

You might not realize the importance of the first items, but they can help in so many ways in the aftermath of an earthquake. A will, insurance policies, contracts deeds, stocks and bonds. Passports, social security cards, immunization records, bank account numbers, checks, cash, credit card account numbers and companies and or credit cards. An inventory of valuable household goods, important telephone numbers, family records (birth, marriage, death certificates), and any copies of other pertinent information you might feel more secure in having.

High energy foods such as peanut butter, jelly, crackers, granola bars, trail mix. Comfort foods such as chocolate, candy, suckers, gum, and any other that would be a comfort to you and yours. Remember not to have foods that require a lot of water to prepare. Also limit foods that would increase thirst.

Pet food, at least one ounce per animal pound per day.

A large first aid kit that is always freshly stocked with the following items. A first aid manual and know how to use it. Hot and cold packs that use no heat or refrigeration. Splint materials to set broken bones temporarily, and instructions on how to use them. Personal prescriptions and other personal medications should kept up to date in your kit. Eyeglasses, hot and cold packs that use no heat or refrigeration. Muscle rubs, materials for burns and bandages for burns also. Tylenol, ibuprofen, peroxide, alcohol, antacids, vitamins, antiseptic, antibacterial ointment, basic burn ointment, tweezers, needles and threads.

You can also take CPR and first aid classes now to be prepared for any future emergencies, including earthquakes.

The next items will make basic survival more comfortable and may aid in saving your life. Let’s begin with a tarp or ground covering, blankets, easy to put up tents. A portable, battery operated radio with extra batteries. A fire extinguisher that is a dry chemical type, ABC. Flashlights, spare batteries and bulbs, also the ones that you shake that are solar powered. A watch and a battery operated or wind up clock.

You can also purchase a c.b. radio and learn how to use it. (It could be the only way to communicate, depending on the severity of the earthquake.

There are small, portable, non-electric heaters and air conditioners, that you can purchase in many outdoor stores, Army surplus stores, or on-line. I know this may seem extravagant, but staying warm or cool, may be important to you and your loved ones health. Especially if the weather is extremely hot or cold, depending on the time of year it is, and the climate you live in.

Next I will give you suggestions on other basic needs for your comfort and survival. An outdoor charcoal grill with plenty of charcoal and lighter fluid. Again, matches in a waterproof container and lighters. another suggestion would be a small propane stove with small propane bottles, or even a camping stove. various size pots and pans for cooking. Plastic resealable bags, various sizes. Plastic containers are also recommended. Paper towels, plastic trash bags, paper plates, plastic utensils, Portion Cups dish detergent and liquid laundry detergent.

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