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Phenolic foam is a highly efficient energy saver

Good insulation keeps heat in and out in certain conditions to maintain an ideal temperature. In homes and buildings where Pipe Insulation serve as passage way for hot or cold water, insulation is a must. Insulating pipes is done for three main reasons:

Heated pipes have high temperatures. That is why they should be lined with an insulative material not just on the interior but also on the exterior. Pipe insulation prevents accidental scalding.

If moisture resistance is a priority issue, you can research on the phenolic insulation foam technology. Some companies have patented phenolic foam products for insulation which are gaining inroads in the market today. It can be used in a wide range of various applications such as hot and cold water piping including underground pipe lines, for petroleum and chemical transportation pipelines, food processing plants and any piping system that can be insulated. The high density closed cell phenolic foam materials are made of phenolic resin which is non-combustible. They have a high fire-retardant and flame resistance rating. Phenolic foam is a highly efficient energy saver and protector against pipe failure and corrosion.

Heating systems that aren’t properly insulated lose heat close to where the heat is generated, as well as all along the route of the pipe. You want to make sure that your pipe for your hot water or steam heating system is well insulated so that the heat travels to the farthest reaches of your house without the heater having to work too hard. The best way to do this is to make sure that you properly insulate the pipes with Steam Pipe insulation.

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