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PE500*700 Jaw crusher Installation, Adjustment and Commissioning

PE500*700 Jaw crusher are supplied of Great Wall Heavy Industry Company in sets. If you want to know product application, main specification, working principle and structure features, check here, or copy this website to your web browser:

After arrival of machine, the machine shall be carefully checked if there is any question during transport. The installation, adjustment and commissioning shall be performed as follows:

  1. Because this machine vibrates largely when working, it must install on the concrete foundation. In order to ease the effect of vibrating and noise to nearby building, the hard wood pad, rubber material or other buffer material shall be placed.
  2. The height, depth and area of foundation shall be separately calculated according to solid condition. The suggested foundation weight shall be 5-6 times of machine weight.
  3. The discharging channel of foundation shall be placed one layer of metal plate which is equipped with sufficient inclination, so as to keep fluent discharging of crushed material.
  4. Adjustment of outlet opening: tension spring bolt shall be screwed off firstly, then adjusting screw stem of upper part of adjusting block shall be adjusted, and adjusting seat shall be adjusted through adjusting block, then adjusting seat could adjust the outlet opening size through adjustment of movable and fixed jaw. The dead load of movable jaw and stress of spring could make the cling between toggle plate and its pad, and abnormal knocking condition could be avoided.
  5. After qualified installation and adjustment, the commissioning shall be performed.

(1) The qualified no load trial shall be:

  1. The bearing temperature shall be no more than 30℃ after 2 hours continuous running.
  2. There is no loosen condition occured from fasteners.
  3. The flywheel and sheave shall be smoothly operated.
  4. Neither defects and grinding conditions on frictional parts, nor abnormal voice.

(2) The qualified loading trial shall be:

  1. There is no periodic and remarkable voice.
  2. The maximum feeding size satisfies the design requirements.
  3. The bearing temperature shall be no more than 70℃ after 8 hours continuous running.
  4. The capacity complies the design regulations, and size of final product conforms the requirements.

More information or problem, even about failure, troubleshooting and maintenance, you can CONTRACT US.

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