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Pave Diamond

Which is the best store to buy Pave Diamond Engagement ring and Charms?

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Pave Jewelry- Pave is pronounced as “pa-vey”, it is a setting which contains a lot of tinny gemstone attached to the jewelry in metal by droplets. After the setting the surface of the piece looks like Pave Diamond or other stones. The word “pave” is French it means paved but in United States called ‘Pave’.

When you have to plan shopping Pave Diamond Findings jewelry then you should attention some valuable point’s like- give close attention to the stones it is easily to break the time of setting they are forced too hard into the mounting. When you want to wearing pave jewelry then make sure it’s clean, as it is easy to dust or other particles to get between the stones.


Charms are tinny ornament connected to a bracelet or chain. It is the beast part of jewelry making used like in chain and bracelet worn around the wrist. Charms is a chain of gold or silver worn around the wrist that individual jewelry symbol called charms.


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