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Paranormal Occurrences

We continuously ask ourselves the same elusive question,”Am I haunted?”
Although that question can be answered quickly with unquestionable evidence to support the answer, there are still those who ask more than the simple, “Am I haunted?”
Instead, they dare to venture and ask, “Do I believe in this?”
Whereas many people can answer right off the bat, with an undeniably clear conscious, the fact that you cannot provide evidence to support your belief still exists.
And so we wonder, who truly believes in the paranormal? And the answer is your own opinion.
but what draws us all together, is not by what we believe. Instead it is by what we experience and feel, and so I hope we can all share that!
Together, we can answer each other’s questions and provide support for those who need it, and in the process, tell others what we’ve been experiencing, as far as the paranormal goes.

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