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We used about 15 variables reflecting the location to results for the variables describing the location in the urban area city centre, city border residential area or country side indicate a higher propensity to move change the location only for firms currently located at the city border. The various types of enterprise zones/ industrial sites did not show heavy industry were firms show a significant lower propensity to move.

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Firms at this type of location are often rather capital intensive and this implies high cost of moving. Further more for this type of firm the availability of alternative locations is reflect the nearness to roads and public change the location with – Packers and Movers Pune transport turned out to be significant at conventional levels. Even in the case that the infrastructure variables are the only variables in the model none of the coefficients were significant. This is surprising because accessibility is considered to be an important location characteristic in many studies.

Owners of the building are less likely to move to another location than firms who rent the building because the cost of getting rid of the present building is much higher for owners.

A somewhat different kind of variables in the category site and situation are the category of variables that do not reflect characteristics of the present location but reflect to what extent firm think that hypothetical changes might affect the suitability of the present location.

It indicates the type and magnitude of changes in the firm and/ or the location that may lead to a decision to relocate. Based on about 20 questions a composite variable is constructed which serves as a proxy for the possibility to adjust to changes at the present location. The composite variable can be labeled stress tolerance threshold or location stress.

Possible changes which are suggested that they might affect the suitability of the site change are growth of the number of employees the accessibility increasing criminality, government policy with regard to the environment and spatial planning and finally investment premiums and lower rents the answer to the question whether or not a revitalization of the direct environment is needed in the opinion of the firm.

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