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Meet the artist mixing fashion with music

Upcoming Australian songstress, Sloan Peterson has collaborated with the Strand Arcade to create an interactive fashion video, mixing all our wildest dreams of fashion, shopping and music all in one go.

The video showcases the singer’s newly released track 105, which is reminiscent of 50s/60s guitar pop music, of which the singer credits with her inspiration.

“When I first started song writing properly at the age of 16 I would go onto my iTunes and go through the entire discography of David Bowie, Queen, The Beatles, Brian Jones Town Massacre and take a random song of theirs and write about that song title,” Peterson tells Vogue.

“I found that a really easy way to get inspiration from. As I got older it became more about personal experiences, lovers lost and found, naturally just typical life struggles I go through, things I do people I meet and so on.”

Her obsession with that era continues into her style. Like her music, her fashion style is also a nod to that era and draws inspiration from some of the most influential models and designers of the time.

“I’m heavily influenced by the 60s/70s fashion,” she says. “Nancy Sinatra, Francoise Hardy, Jane Birkin and Brigitte Bardot just to name a few that I am inspired by style wise; the hair, the make up everything.”

“I really love oversized coats and black and white knee high boots. I’m really obsessed with headbands and floral prints at the moment.”

She also shares a few tips when it comes to purchasing clothes and blending that retro style with more modern pieces.

“Knowing what colour suits your complexion and styles that suit your body shape are important,” she says. “I’m a sucker for retro-style, so I love finding hidden gems in thrift shops and layering them back with brand staples.”

Showcasing her own personal style, Peterson’s inclusion of a number of Australian designers throughout the Strand Arcade’s video, which includes Scanlan Theodore, Dion Lee, Jac+Jack , Bassike and Manning Cartell, is evidence of her love for fashion.

In terms of what’s next for her, Peterson already has a few ideas in mind with her dream to release more music and tour.

“This year has already been so insanely busy which I love,” she says.

“The plan is to keep the momentum going after the release of my first single 105 and collaboration video clip with the The Strand we should be getting ready for a tour; my second single will be released soon, which I’m very excited about then my EP. So feeling very blessed to have such a busy great year ahead.”Read more at:formal dresses online | evening dresses

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