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Look for Raymond mill with 10 TPH 0.6 mm output size


I saw a purchase order for Raymond mill with the following capacity:

  1. Capacity is 10 TPH (tons per hour)
  2. Output size is 0.6 mm

For the second requirement, Raymond mill can meet. But as the first, it is some question.

Raymond Mill enjoys the most popularity among the grinding machine. However, the capacity and output size cannot meet the increasing demands. For example, the largest capacity is 9 tons per hour, and 5 grinding rollers make it at the same time. But it is not for high pressure grinding mill.

High Pressure Grinding Mill is ameliorated at the foundation of Raymond mill, and it extends the capacity and decreases the final output size. The largest capacity is about 22 tons per hour with the output size is 0.033, which can meet more grinding demands. High pressure grinding mill has the wear protect. When the wear occurs, it won’t effect on the capacity and output size.

So for this grinding machine with 10 tons per hour and 0.5 mm output size, I recommend a high pressure grinding mill rather than Raymond mill.

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