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Lin: When will you go to pick jeremy?

After the game, several of New York’s famous “old cannon child” reporter asked me, “When will you go to pick jeremy?” I said, “Go, but was listening to an interview after the game the Knicks coach.” I asked, you go? They all shook his head and said, “Not necessarily, it might not.” When I’m crazy story five years in New York after ending, the story of Jeremy Lin and New York eventually become dull.

Madison Square Garden Stadium was suddenly a lot of Asian fans figure. Lin’s arrival, will still attract their attention. But, they are among the very few people wearing jersey No. 17 that year. Such words and related topics are hard to hear from the fans mouth.

The first section from the end of the game there are 5 minutes 03 seconds, Lin Hao replace Courtney – Lee play free nba 2k17 coins. In this case, the Madison Square Garden arena sounded applause.

Over the past few years, as long as Lin foot on this field will be more or less boos broke out, and those are usually sparse applause drowned among those boos.

Came to Charlotte this season, Jeremy Lin finally felt an unprecedented calm and happy. He once told a reporter, I’m crazy that time is no longer his pressure, he learned not to care about other people’s eyes, the freedom to play.

Hornets first came to New York to play when, or fall. At that time a reporter asked him, to date, come back here, are there any feelings, he smiled and said, “It is always very special, but to be honest, I feel here and contact are gradually reduced each year . ”

At that time, “New York Post” reporter Mark – Portman also get up early to go before shooting training. A row last season, now he only asked two questions from reporters content in the Knicks locker room only. Indeed, Taiwan has been following Lin’s media collective “holiday” without a trace.

After the game, the locker room door opened, Lin immediately accepted several Chinese media. Since Lin tonight’s performance in general, a reporter’s question just handful of it.

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