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Ladies, here’s why you’re still single


(Photo:mermaid prom dresses)WHILE many people are tying the knot with the love of their lives, there are others who sit at home wondering when he or she will come along, and wondering why, in spite of all their positive attributes, they’re still single.

Romance author Richie Drenz tells All Woman that there are many reasons why women in particular may still be single while their peers are all paired up. These include:

1. The man you like is broke

Drenz says women often need men to be financially stable as a sign to show that they are ready for serious relationships. He added that this often remains true even if the woman is working and has financial stability herself.

2. Bad hygiene

“This is not to be taken for granted; many people do not practise the hygiene care necessary to attract a stable partner. Bad breath is one of the major issues,” the romance author says.

3. You are uncompromising

Drenz says some people must have their way or their way and no other way. “This selfish, conceited attitude serves as a strong repellent for any intimate relationship,” he says.

4. You are waiting for the perfect person

Drenz explains that his memoir CLIMAXES addresses the issue of seeking perfection. “If you find someone with at least 80 per cent of what you want, then you should be willing to tolerate the 20 per cent that you don’t like, keeping in mind that certainly they too will have to put up with some of your traits that they don’t like,” he says.

5. You are not ready for commitment

Drenz says being scared of the idea of being “tied” to only one person is oftentimes why we remain single. If you can’t handle the thought of monogamy, then finding a lifelong partner will be difficult.Read more at:sexy prom dresses

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