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Since all website hosting companies in Delhi offer the same services and provide the exact same packages, how should then an individual select the right web hosting company which suits their needs. Customer support is one such criteria that majorly affects the decision making process while choosing a small business web hosting provider in Delhi.

Wish A Web Host has an excellent customer support that makes it stand out from rest of the web hosting companies in DelhiHere are a few points one should keep in mind while choosing the top website hosting company in Delhi:-

1. We answer the phone.
Possibly some of the most prolific complainers an ecommerce website hosting company in Delhi experiences have given descriptions of being told their call is important, being told “all our operators are busy – please hold”, and being stuck in a telephone queue. Offering people 24/7 support is nothing more than a cruel joke, its like placing someone in a maze of pressing numbers only to be brought back to the beginning of a process and having to listen to the same song repeatedly. When people answer the phone quickly, it really does make a lasting impression!

2. We answer emails.
From what people say, they call an internet web hosting company when they haven’t been able to get what they want from an email enquiry. Some of the follow up times from web hosts are genuinely appalling. Without exaggeration, weeks can pass without an email response from some companies, and when one comes, there’s not even an apology for the delay. Obviously, people are happy when responses are given in a timely fashion.

3. We read emails.
It seems in the age of the Call Center, people are too busy (too stressed?) to even consider an appropriate answer to a query. Support staff seem to only read keywords in an email, and dump a link to a video or to a page of information in a reply that has virtually nothing to do with what you are enquiring about. When people get the answers they need they find it easier to give praise to a web hosting provider at Wish A Web Host reads all emails carefully.

Here at Wish A Web Host our staff collectively puts our heads together and address what our customers need, which makes us the best web hosting company in Delhi.

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