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How to Study Hard, Party Harder

Most students wrongly believe that partying hard contradicts with studying hard, I used to do both.

This made me really confident about what I was doing in my life and was a great push to tell me that what I was doing was the right thing for me. I used to do the following:

    • I judged people through their ideas: judging people for me was something I rarely did but when I judged a person I judged him by his ideas not by his look. Most people judge other people by their look, without putting much weight for their values and ideas. Take a decision to judge people on their ideas and values not on their looks because this will help you feel free to do whatever you like without thinking about what will others think about you or how they will judge you.


    • I was bold by doing what felt exciting to me: by doing everything that felt exciting to me made me do more mistakes that others which also made me learn more about life than others and this is what differentiates someone who tries different things and those who don’t take the decision to try over their fears, who try more learn more about life and this is what I did. I was always curious to know more about things I never tried, this helped me to explore myself better, to know what I don’t like so that I know what I like the most. That’s why I believe that trial and failure is the for learning.


  • I always take care of what I should do in the current phase of my life: doing the things that appeal to me never stop me from taking care of what should I do in my current phase of life, i.e.: school, but instead it helped me to explore life the way I wanted without putting any boundaries between me and what I want to do. This helped me to have better confidence about myself and that I can do whatever I want in addition to have high grades at school.

I’ve got 97% in the last year of my high school which helped me join engineering college, this was my first goal I reached in my life that was so fulfilling and eye opener for me which made me see life from a different view and I am good with that.

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