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How to Stop Receiving Junk Mail in Yahoo Account?

As similar to spam filters, Yahoo also provides email blocking feature for blocking the unwanted email from particular sender. This means you can easily get rid of the irritating and harmful email. Yahoo provides 500 email addresses to be stored or added to the blocked address. And, when email is received from blocked address, the email automatically gets deleted. So you are not going to find junk mail anywhere in your spam folders. However, if you are not aware of the process to block junk mail, then just go through the procedures shown in this post.

Know the difference between legal advertising and spam emails
It happens much time you sign varied useful sites for the news letter, so you continuously receive mail concerning to that. It is a legitimate email, and if you are receiving an email from the senders who does not specify company name, then it’s a spam a message.

Block the address that repeatedly causing spam
If you are continuously receiving messages from the address that are spam, you can permanently block that email address. In order to block this address, you need to make login to your Yahoo account. Now, you need to follow the steps as shown below:
• Move towards the gear button shown in the upper right corner.
• Now, click on the settings and click on the tab “blocked address”.
• Type the email address you want to block, and then click on Block.
• Similarly, you can repeat the process for other email address you want to block.

Unsubscribe the email address you signed for newsletter
When you sign for a newsletter, then you continuously start getting bombarded with a number of emails in your inbox and as a result, you many times miss your important email. So, just follow the steps as shown here to unsubscribe these email address.
• Unsubscribing email from the list may take sometimes to come in effect.
• Don’t go through the link given to unsubscribe with your spam email as it can further cause bigger issue.

Mark the message as spam
If you find spam messages, then you can move that in to Spam by going through the box just next to the message. Here, you can click on the spam button just given at the top of your inbox.

By going through these methods you can easily stop receiving junk email in your Yahoo inbox. However, if you want to know about many other procedures to stop junk mail then you can dial a Yahoo customer service support number.

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