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How to let quadcopter flight more times for aerial phpotography

Every one who have a quadcopter for aerial phpotography want to flight more times,but in fact,all quadcopter flight times less than 30minutes even more lower.How to let your quadcopters flight times more longer?Yes,you are come the right place,here will explore this question with you,pls read ahead.

Choose the best flight controller for your quadcopter

Today,quadcopter have a vast use,it contains?aerial photography, Surverying, Thermography, Logistics and Transport, Security, search and rescue, Agriculture etc. According to official data,aerial photography for at least 60 percent of quadcopter application area.If you make a quadcopter by youself,you should check out what’s the flight controllers for your quadcopter? KK2 OR DJI or AMP? you should know most flight controllers are only really good at one specific style(Flying Styles,Cinema Flying and Autonomous Flying). When choosing a flight controller, you should make sure what kind of flying you’re going to be doing?Today we just talk about quadcopter for aerial phpotography which is cinema flying.from this profressional article best flight controller for aerial photography, we find that APM 2.8,DJI Naza-M Lite and Hoverfly? Pro flight controlls are good at aerial phpotography.if you build a quadcopter for Aerial photography,when you choose flight controller which must be Stabileze and Altitude hold flight modes,they will keep your quadcopter in current altitude,so you should choose one of them for your quadcopter.

Choose the best battery for your quadcopter

Lipo battery is a power which is important for quadcopter,you have to choose the best lipo battery.first,you should know How to calculate quadcopter flight times? quadcopter battery calculator is not too difficult,here can be explained with a formula about Quadcopter battery calculator which is a resultant experience of several factors like the lipo battery capacity,the wind speed,flight load,average amperage draw,weather conditions,etc.


Quadcopter flight times =(Battery Capacity * Battery Discharge /Average Amp Draw)*60


For instance, i have a lipo battery 3s 3300mAh,I calculated the average amp draw of quadcopter to be around 20 amps,and iI am making an assumption that 80% of battery capacity will is used,then the quadcopter flight time is 7,92 minutes.Want to flight more times,you have to calculate it and choose the max one.

There are a lot of factors that effect flight tiems,some of the factors is an objective reality can not beavoided,the right way is that choose the best and appropriate parts for your quadcopter.

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