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As new technologies are being introduced every day, one of major breakthroughs in communication or cord less movement is VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. And as High speed internet is becoming common and cheap, increasing number of Businesses all Big and small are ditching conventional landlines and changing to VoIP. This technology is almost like amazing or magic its more flexible, full featured and best of all significantly cheaper than placing your calls through traditional telephone lines.

VoIP services helps users save significant amount of money, as they are very easy to setup. The setup cost is very minimal as compared to conventional phone system. It gives the user much cheaper calling rates, whether it is International and Long distance or local calling, which ultimately results in lowering the monthly bill. But apart from money saving, it also gives you tons of additional features. Since that it is preferred for both Small or Large Businesses and Residences, also home offices, as it gives a very professional feel to the person who is calling in and reaches the IVR which is one of the features provided with VoIP services. IVR also known as“ Interactive voice response”, It is a feature which allows you to setup a customized greeting for the caller’s and they can be directed to the correct department for example it would say something like Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for support etc., and it can be configured that all calls come to the same phone, so working with Hosted PBX at VoIP Line is very easy and gives you a lot of options and can be setup and configured according to how you want it.

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