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Hold my pretty skeins of yarn to keep them safe

Finally, I wanted to share Suede Fabric  this cool little idea sent to me by a clever knitting pal. It’s one of those clear acryllic refillable ornaments filled with a squishy little skein.

I love it, and laughed right out loud when I saw it, thinking to myself: In case of knitting emergency, break glass!

Did you know that aromatic herbs repel moths? Pretty important info for those of us with wool lying around.

I’ll tuck these into the drawers that hold my pretty skeins of yarn to keep them safe and sweet smelling.

This is the perfect opportunity to put those mini skeins you’ve collected to good use, and practice cable knitting too.

Each time I finish a hand spun knit, I roll up all those leftover pieces and display them in one of the pretty little bowls I collect in my craft room.

When it gets too full and starts spilling over the sides, I start thinking about making some little scrappy project with them.

Hand spun, especially on a drop spindle, is truly a labor of love, so what more perfect to use those leftovers than hand spun hearts?

Our Pint Sized Pines can be made using up small amounts of leftover yarn and recycled wine corks.

There’s actually two patterns – one for the taller twisted tree which works well with heavier yarns, and the smaller double cabled tree, so perfect for small amounts of sock yarn.

Knit in the round on 2.25mm to 3.0mm double pointed needles, or on a long circular if you’re handy with magic loop.

You can make just a few, or maybe, like us, you won’t want to stop until you’ve knitted an entire cork forest!

The title project – “Knit the Sky” instructs that “Each day, you will knit a stripe in colors that match that particular day’s sky, slowly creating your own wearable weather report.”

Contest rules: Entry is limited to US residents aged 18 years or older. Limit of one entry per person. Entries must be received by October 29th at 12am Mountain Time.

Two winners will be selected randomly and contacted via email on October 31st. Books will be shipped at no cost to the  Knitting Fabric  winners at a US address.

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