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hit the shelves in Old school Runescape

The very first week’s new content in April will hit the shelves in Old school Runescape, including Motherlode Mine expansion, easier solution to buy Ava’s devices, switch to boss pet etc. Besides, Jagex also  shared more upcoming features about Dragon Claws and pet toggle.
First week’s updates: Motherlode expansion and more

1. Prospector Percy decides to flourish his mine drastically, once you get your upstairs area containing a different 64 ore veins. Those players with more than 72 mining that have paid Percy a single-time fee of  100 nuggets could be acceded towards area while using ladder. Are you ready to visit mine more rs 2007 gold and rare rs 07 valuables in Motherlode?

2. Faster and easier method to buy Ava’s devices: right click Ava and select “Devices”, after which it you’ll be able to want to buy -X devices immediately.

3. New group of doors for quick access to Edgeville bank.

4. “Speak with” option is currently the left-click option for boss pets. Besides, dialogue for the chaos elemental pet, dark core pet and chompy bird pet is added.
Left click to “walk here” or right click to “examine” pets

Do you need to have a left click “walk here” toggle for boss pet, in lieu of “acquire”? How about slowing other players to right click “examine” your old school rs pet, alongside its name? Jagex has  confirmed that every those ideas become possible with a few changes towards game engine. If there is a poll for all those features, have you ever thought it all out?
Called “Dragon Claws” might have to go live future in runescape 3 gold.

As well as the above upcoming update, Jagex has also announced which they could offer so-called “dragon claws” which can be quite a bit less powerful as dragon claws was previously. It could be much like the ole yet-to- exist Dragon warhammer. It is usually expected that some want the important dragon claws even though the other complain that Jagex doesn’t nerf them enough. What type are you currently in?

It is said that two new clan wars, PC points cap change and even more will quickly test next week. You can also find more Old School RS updates on buyrunescape4golds Facebook. Finally, don’t forget extra 5% free  osrs gold bonus on buyrunescape4golds! From April 15 to 30, buy runescape 2007 gold on RSorder, and you’ll have enable you to gain free bonus!

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