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Hello, brides: 4 Tips to choose the dress, hairstyle and make ideal

You may have seen some American programs on choosing the right dress, right ?! I love watching: despite scare me sometimes, with some families who want to impose what they think, it is interesting to have in mind that there are no standards to follow, there is no right and wrong. There is, however, what the bride wants, which dress will make her feel even more beautiful and happy on the big day.

In addition to finding the perfect dress, the bride needs to create with the professionals of your choice which the hair and make that will further enhance your look. So, to inspire them, I asked for suggestions the stylist Carlos Bacchi and hairdresser Marcelo Maschke and his salon staff RhedCo, who share some of his creations.

1. For large weddings

The dress in off-white silk organza with delicate lace and embroidery and crystals minipaetês in shades of silver is certainly a more traditional dress. To give a modern air, a cover attached on the shoulders can replace the veil, leaving you with more face #apaixonadapelacapa walkway.

(Juliano Busetti)

This model is ideal for large weddings to work the concept of the classic with the modern.(mother of the bride dresses)

As we already have many details on the dress, opt for a more structured coke and soft make can highlight the sophistication of the chosen look.

2.Can color? Of course you can

If you seek a dress with color – and / or how you want to hold your wedding outdoors in the morning or late in the day – you can opt for a model in jeans ecological pure silk dyed with peach.

(Juliano Busetti)

This is a more bold look: the clippings are traditional, but the tones and applications Rivolis silver value model.

As we already have color on the dress, the make and hair, you can choose something lighter, perfect for outdoor weddings. Bet on a semipreso hair, leaving waves with accessories. In make, invest in shadow smoky brown tones without eyeliner.

3.Na street, in the rain, on the farm or in a thatched house:

For weddings on the beach, in the countryside or in wineries, you can choose a more modest dress, like this model. With clean lines and applications of three types of income forming frames in front and back, it is made of pure natural linen, without added dyes or chemical treatments.

(Juliano Busetti)

In hair you can choose to use the darling of Rio Grande do Sul at the moment, newballiss. Creating the famous effect beach waves, it can be worn loose or semipreso as the model. To make, contours and eyes in golden tones.

4. When to make the said rule

If you want a make more glamorous, with red lipstick, for example, the dress should fit the style you want.

(Juliano Busetti)

This dress with skirt flared princess cut style, straight neckline and spaghetti straps, can supercombinar with a heavier make. The bust is flanged in golden Rivolis Gold and silver microbeads. The fabric is also pure silk jeans in raw color, with a full-bodied trim. This style is superversátil: due to the modeling and volume, can be used in the church, but also works for a wedding in the open, as is done in natural fabric and has an unusual tone cream.(

If you choose to have some detail on the back, you should use the hair up and need not be all just right, can not use with unstructured lines


Remember that there are those who mark the wedding date as the availability of the stylist, hairdresser and makeup artist. If you do not give up their favorite professional, call now to see their availability: even if you do not have the date 100% closed, ask to leave a reservation and inform you if any of the other work. So, you do not run the risk of having to pursue other professional for this special day.

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