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GPS Tracker – Personal Safety and Precise Location Awareness

With the developments in GPS tracking, the requirements of smart tracker GPS is increasing too. If it can satisfy your needs of safety or offer an effective solution for our kids, for the eldly, for pets and vehicles. We all can to learn and understand step by step.

For Children

According to the survey showed that 90% of 12 to 17 years old kids who have cell phone in 2014, has increased 60% than in 2004. Some companies have launched a plan for parents to keep track of their children to use the GPS tracker, the operation is so simple, just put this mobile device on your chilren’s bag, pocket or other places, just press a button and get all the locations whereever your children go. In terms of the children, it is a portable GPS tracking device as a student GPS, the mainly function is to ensure the safety and security of childrens. Of course, children should have their own freedom, they still can run, can ride, can play with their friends. This GPS tracker such as Jimilab’s GS503 model is specially designed for gaining the confidence for parents who send their children to feel the world.


For Seniors

However, Personal GPS tracker is not only for child safety, but also for adults. Personal GPS tracker is meant to provide safy of persons including anyone, a child, an adult with a dementia, or even a pet. As for the adults, they can use it with their eldly parents, make sure if they are lost when they go out shopping or walking especially for alzheimer’s or people who are in wheelchairs. And these devices are all small and portable, you can tie it in your wheelchair or put the GPS phone in your pocket, as for the seniors, it is quite an easy thing to achive. We are all serious about people’s safety, let alone for the eldly, these small personal GPS tracker provides real time location direct to our computer or our mobile phone, we can monitor the location information anywhere and anytime, is a really rare device.

senior GPS

For Vehicles

Personal GPS tracker for the vehicles may be common in our life, such as for rental car company, install these electronic trackers on their rental cars, managers can calculated that if he was speeding in their car, where he is, if he spend too much time to do some unnecessary. This measure can improve efficiency and save time effectively. Except that, some car dealerships have been installing this device on new vehicles that allow them to remotely deactivate cars which will then prevent them from starting if people have missed their payments. The device can also cause the car home to honk repeatedly, and has a Waterproof GPS Tracking system built in as well, so the location of a vehicle can be known at all times, in case they want to send repo man to repossess the vehicle. Disabling a person’s vehicle could leave a motorist stranded in a dangerous situation, or in the middle of nowhere.

vehicle GPS tracker

For Pets

Of course, Personal GPS tracker also can be used for pets, too! Usually people tie these devices to collar of pets if it has run away or been stolen, and the method of a subdermal implant also avaiable. The same with the common application, people also can know the accurate location of your pet through the map online, you can receive the real time feedback to the pet and perhaps provide automatic notification if you dog goes out of your yards.

Personal GPS tracker

Keep people safe with Personal GPS tracker and know where they are at all times. We Jimilab offers different options for you, On average, just dozens of dollars, the cheapest one only need to be paid to 10 dollars. Want to know more price information, Come to our website to buy it. Please contact us at:

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