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Gentwin reduce money by Heat Sink Supplier

Researches in both areas (reducing the cost of production and increase the light emitted by Heat Sink Supplier) are successful, and their latest results are expected to be on the market within a few years time. Several research groups work on creating more cost-effective production technologies. One of the best know of these is Prof.

Colin Humphreys team at the University of Cambridge. The research group created an LED using gallium nitride grown on silicone wafers instead of the previous, highly expensive sapphire wafers. This makes the production of LEDs ten times cheaper, which is the greatest achievement of the group. The lights also have a 100 000 hours lifespan, and are dimmable.

The other field of research is to get more light from a single LED of 1W. CREE lighting is a leading researcher in the area, announcing in February 2010 the achievement of 208 lumens gained from a single Watt. The colour temperature of the light was 4579W, which is colour temperature closer to cold white, but not bluish at all.

LEDs (Light Emitting Diode) contain a chemical compound that produces light and ensures it is enough to illuminate an independent light source rather than the conventional indicator light. They consume less electricity than standard incandescent light bulbs but still are able to provide adequate lighting for all applications.

Solar LED technology combines the two main ingredients, 100W Led Heatsink and solar energy, along with a rechargeable battery to produce green energy in a cost-effective way. LED lights generate strong illumination, last longer than typical light bulbs, and are environmental-friendly sources of light.

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