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Finest 1/2/2.5/3 BHK Launch offer by Grade A Builder

Prestige Lakeside Habitat has eleven apartment blocks ranging from G+18 floors to G+29 floors. The township has four club houses which Prestige Lakeside Habitat Rent in line with the size of the development. The site shape is irregular and it is divided into four quadrants by two intersecting roads. The apartment units are planned on the Eastern side of the township while all the Villas are planned on the Western side. The apartment units are planned as clusters of buildings. The villas are planned as a linear development. Sobha Dream Acres Rent are long rows with villas facing each other. There are three types of villas, each having two variations the villas have a European look and feel. Exposed red bedroom surfaces are marked with white plastered accents and pillars. The roofs are shingled and sloping, just in case there is a snowfall in Bangalore.



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